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In respect to the introduction and implementation of Ministry of Trade-MoT approval scheme (labels and user manual/proof of warranty approval) through regulation no. 22/M-DAG/PER/5/2010 and regulation ..

Despite of the facts that 5 GHz utilization is not allowable to be used for WLAN (802.11a) application in the past, following to the published of regulation which allows 802.11b/g utilization in year ..

indonesia new MoT Label Scheme, enforced on September 1, 2010
INDONESIA NEW LABEL SCHEME, The government of Indonesia has just recently released a new regulation for products being marketed in Indonesia. Product label which initially brought in typeapproval sche ..


TEKNOKRAT’s services have been specifically designed to support manufacturers, test laboratories and consultants seeking type approval for telecommunications equipment and other ITE. You want your products tested and approved as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Time to market is what's at stake. Through our integrated network, we offer the leading turnkey solution for fast, efficient, end to end approvals support -- from consulting and preparation to certification and labeling advice.

End to End Service

We take our clients' products from the initial step of determining approval requirements and the best approval strategy, through to preparing the approval applications and offering on-site engineering test support when in-country testing is required. We then follow through with the local regulatory agencies to see that certifications are issued as quickly as possible.

Telecom Certification Expertise

We begin to deliver value often before we even start compiling technical documents on a product. Because we know the approval schemes in each of our markets so thoroughly, and because we focus on telecommunications equipment compliance, we can lend expert advice on approval requirements and help our clients to develop the most efficient and flexible approval strategies for their products. We eliminate the need for our clients' staff to become experts on the ins and outs of each market's approval process and regulations.

Full Engineering Testing Support

Approvals often require in-country testing of the equipment. We have the ability to ensure our personnel to have proper technical expertise to support equipment under test. This helps to minimize delays in testing and gives our clients a measure of security in knowing that their approvals are in good hands.
Our experienced personnel work with our clients' staff to understand the set-up and configuration of the products, and then go on to support the products through testing. In many cases test support is completely transparent to our clients. When there are test failures or other problems, our local engineers work closely with our clients' design or support engineers to resolve the issue. This allows manufacturers' in-country sales staff to concentrate on their primary goals, not the type approval process.

Strong Local Expertise

Relationships are the key to success in many countries. We put a lot of effort into maintaining our very strong working relationships with the regulating agency representatives in each market we cover. Because we submit so many applications in each market, we enjoy very good professional relationships with the individuals at the regulatory agencies. Once testing is completed it's often crucial to continue to interface with the local agency to avoid any unnecessary delays in issuance of the type approval certificate. Again, we keep chasing them, freeing up our clients' sales engineers' time to do their jobs.

Status Reporting

Throughout the process of the approvals we support for our clients, we provide constant progress information. We track all of our projects through a central server that our local offices access and update via our secure intranet. It allows us to tell a client the status of each of the projects we're handling for him or her at any given time. We provide regular status reports that put at our clients' fingertips all the information needed for planning launch and shipping schedules. This gives our clients the ability to manage the approval projects for many products across many markets at once with only a small staff time commitment.

No Surprises Fee Structure

Typically we offer our service on a fixed fee per approval basis. That is, rather than leaving the final cost of obtaining approvals a question, we charge a flat fixed fee per application we are to prepare and support in each market. Our fixed fees do not include the application and testing fees charged by the local regulatory agencies or other direct project expenses, but we can estimate these for you based on the details of specific equipment.

The world's leading telecommunications equipment vendors already recognize the value in our service and entrust their approvals to us. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to support your telecom approvals.

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